Career consultancy services: A common and prime question in the mind of students is 'which career I should choose?'. It is a common experience that due to misinformation or insufficient information many students can not choose right career, right course and right training institute. This causes a loss of precious time and money that ultimately frustrate the career aspirant. The decision of choosing career can make or mar the future. The career choosing should be an intelligent and informed decision. Our expert team make sincere efforts to utilize hidden natural talent, abilities, aptitude, interests, skills and potentials of a student for career development. is committed to transform student into a resource person. Please contact us on Ph: 91-020-26962295

Career tests: Psychometric tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, interest tests and other career related tests are conducted. These tests are used to take an intelligent and informed decision about career.

Career counselling: We provide detailed road map of career designing and career development based on student's natural talent, out come of psychometric tests and a personal interaction with career aspirant (if possible with parents). Our career mentors make conscious efforts to turn potentials of a student into a realistic and fulfilling career choice.

Career counselling workshop: Interactive workshop on career planning, career options and career development is organized for a small groups, schools, colleges and institutes on their request.

Career solutions:Our aim is to equip the career aspirants with career skills, job skills and entrepreneur training. We make conscious efforts to meet the diverse needs of clients. Our experience and powerful computer based analytical tools provide an analytical framework for matching personal attributes with specific career requirements. We provide solutions for entire spectrum of career planning, career promotion and career development. Please contact us Ph: 91-020-26962295 e-mail-

Online career solutions: Our expert team provide you highly interactive online career solutions based on your education qualifications, hard skills, soft skills, natural talent, interest inventory and career plan. These personalised career solutions aim to accomplish successful career in shortest time span.

Workshops on career planning: We provide fully customizable workshops on career planning for educational institutes and other interested companies. Our expert team carry out extensive sessions on career planning, career promotion and career development. Our focussed and targeted workshops on career planning save your time, efforts and money significantly.

Customized career planning courseware: We provide customized courseware for the educational institutes/companies/small firms/small business setups.

Professional Resume writing Services: A resume is designed to convince an employer about your potential contribution. Good resume writing needs much greater skill. We construct resumes in very effective English, loaded with industry keyword and designed as per industry standards.

Interview training: Our training focuses on different aspects of interview preparation and presentation skills. We have devised a novel interview preparation process that will help you feel confidant and relaxed. Our expert team provide through training how to express all of your strengths in short time.

Designing of 'Career oriented course' services: Our team provide guidance for short term courses that are very useful for job and self-employment. We design certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma career oriented courses in a wide range of subjects. Some of courses are Nanotechnology, Nano-biotechnology, Information and Computer Technology, Biotechnology, Plant tissue culture, Stem cell technology, Geoinformatics, Soil assessment, Applied Sociology, Tourism, Global communication skills, Computerized accounting, Share market, Insurance, Banking, e-Commerce, Foreign trade, Retail management, Science journalism, etc.

Learning solutions: We mainly aim toprovide prescriptive, personalized and technology-based teaching tools for elementary, higher secondary school, graduate and post-graduate students. We also provide learning solutions to slow learners and extraordinary bright students. Learning solutions for primary school students: The learning solutions for primary school students are of prime importance. In primary school,a foundation is laid for a lifetime of learning. It's a time to provide the right start and to keep an expert eye on student's progress. It is essential to cultivate right study habits and learning habits in students. It is necessary to provide after-school learning solutions in the form of additional practice with key concepts. There is a need for additional guidance and early intervention to track the academic progress as well as all round development. Students require continuous motivation, appreciation and monitoring for fruitful learning experience. Learning solutions for Secondary and higher secondary school students: The needs of these age group students are very diverse. Some students expect more challenges while others may require intervention and remediation. There is need to provide the guidance for selection of right stream and subject for right direction of career. To keep an expert eye on student's learning is desirable. It is essential to cultivate right study habits and learning habits among students. There is need for additional guidance and early intervention to track the academic progress as well as all round development. Students require motivation and appropriate guidance for future career. Learning solutions for graduate and post-graduate students: Study at graduate and post-graduate level is very challenging. Student's need to learn marketable skills, hard skills (technical) and research skills. The learning of these skills as per career plan is of prime importance. There is need of global exposure at this stage. Working with professionals, seeking career-advancing certifications and learning entrepreneurship skills are equally important. Preparation for various competitive/entrance examinations is essential. There is need to provide the right direction of career, additional guidance and intervention of expert's eye is essential. Learning solutions for slow learner students: These students are with low esteem, confidence and with low self motivation level. There is need to find out where are the knowledge gaps. To regain the educational ground (which they've lost over) is very difficult task and it requires a lot of patience and specialised training. To reinforce learning in the weak study areas is essential. There is urgent need to keep an experts eye on the learning methodologies of slow learners and continuous motivation. Learning solutions for extraordinary bright students: These students are with high esteem, greater confidence and with high self motivation level. There is need to provide more challenging and creative work. They require experienced and specialized orientation. Please contact on Ph: 91-020-26962295

Learning solutions:Our expert team provide a highly interactive online or offline learning solution based on your learning habits, learning space, strong and weak study areas, self-motivation level, confidence level, interest inventory and potential natural talent. We provide innovative learning solutions which are mainly diagnostic in nature and focused on getting targeted instructions. These personalised learning solutions aim to make your learning easy, enjoyable and focussed.

Workshops on learning technologies: We provide fully customizable learning modules to educational institutes. We also facilitate transfer of customized learning skills to companies and small business firms.

e-learning services: Online learning opportunities allow you to gain an education and learning of new skills (to become more marketable) at your own space and as per your own schedule. This mode of education is best for a person who can not take traditional education due to busy job schedules or financial constraints or geographic limitations. You can study the course of your interest from any online university/institute across the world. Our online servicesultimately assist to learn new marketable skills at your own space of learning. Please contact us on Ph: 91-020-26962295

Counselling for Online education programmes: We assist you to explore options of online courses and online institutes (Indian and abroad). We provide guidance based on your present qualifications and future career plan.

E-learning consultancy:We offer high-end e-learning consultancy services to our clients in different domains.

Online/e-courseware development services: We provide customized online/e-learning content or courseware adhering to global e-learning standards like SCORM /AICC/ Section 50.

Workshops on online/e-learning education: We arrange customized workshops on online/e-learning education for educational institutes/companies/small business firms.

Job mart: Many domestic and multinational companies are looking for right persons for right jobs. Our expert team track the job sources and help you to reach out to the opportunities awaiting anywhere in the world. We inform suitable job opportunities (which are matching with your educational qualifications, skills and career plan) on email. We put your career on the fast track and don't allow you to your waste and opportunity. We serve as a catalyst in bringing together career seekers and career sponsors. Please contact us Ph: 91-020-26962295 e-mail-

Online employment solutions: Our expert team provide you highly interactive online employment solutions based on your education qualifications, hard skills, soft skills, natural talent, interest inventory and your career plan. We provide all possible assistance to get a right job with right salary in the shortest time span. Our placement division is equipped to respond to a candidate's questions and concerns. We assist to fresh graduates and post graduates to get placed in large and medium-sized organizations apart from placing experienced candidates at high positions.

Resume, mock interview and group discussion services: Our expert team provide all necessary training about resume, interview training and group discussions.

Campus interview services: We assist to held campus interview in the reputed educational institutes.We collect authentic information about employers, the positions they're looking to fill and the candidates they're looking for. This preparation makes campus interview as a success experience for job seekers and employers. The unique nature of our campus interviews has led to a superb reputation among employers seeking high calibre candidates in a comfortable and professional environment at an unbelievably low price.
Staffing services: As per need of the company or organization need, we assist to get suitable potential candidates for specified jobs. We are specialized to provide staffing services to our clients on a cost-effective and time-efficient basis.

Soft skill (people skills) training services: These skills mainly relates to personal attributes (optimism, common sense, a sense of humour, integrity, time-management, motivation, etc) and interpersonal abilities (empathy, leadership, communication, good manners, sociability, ability to teach, etc). Soft skills enhance an individual's interaction, job performance and career prospects. These skills are becoming crucial for successful career and business. Hard skills (technical and job-related skills) are a must, but these are insufficient for successful career. Please contact us immediately on Ph: 91=020-26962295 e-mail-

Online soft skill training:We provide you a series of highly interactive online training workshops, developed by a top-notch faculty. The basic and advanced soft skill training is imparted in easy-learn mode to executives, managers, technicians, salespersons and other employees.
Workshops on soft skills: We provide fully customizable video assisted soft skill modules to the educational institutes/companies/small firms/small business setups. We also facilitate transfer of skills to the job.
Customized soft-skill courseware: We provide customized courseware material for the educational institutes/companies/small firms/small business setups.